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Quest for the Holy Fail

One of my favourite stories/ myths of the medieval era concerns the Order of Solomon’s Temple or, the Knights Templar. A veritable shrouded enigma, these figure rose suddenly to prominence from nothing and legend of their treasure and/or erstwhile source of power perplexes scholars, and I,  to this day. Holy […]

A Moo Point

Multiple hours have been consumed of late poring over past works, correcting glaring mistakes and massaging the unnecessarily tense portions. What I thought was fit for true publication is possibly just a touch further behind but I’m coming to the end of the list. Pretty amazing to think that, flawed […]

Always Kiss your Ma!

All sorts of fun on the docket today! Let’s, for the most part, ignore the World being on fire and take a few moments to reconnect with a more base reality. Me complaining about my best friend. 🙂 First though, a delectable factoid I ran across yesterday. I was reading […]

Adventurous Spirit(s)

Apologies, first of all, for my unplanned absence yesterday. I wrote a few mediocre poems but just wasn’t in the mood to string many words together otherwise. Alas, another beautifully scorching day. Had I any eggs it’s quite likely I could cook them upon a multitude of outdoor surfaces. This […]