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Baby (weasel) Steps

My time is extremely limited today so, my apologies, but this will be rather short and will not include any audio at this time.  The dog deserves a real walk before I head to work! To the three people who already have seen this, my apologies. To everyone else, my […]

“LIFE… will find a way.”

Happy Saturday morning bleary eyed companions! Grab a Gatorade and a bucket, if you’re not feeling ill yet you may be shortly. My writing in contraindicated to hangovers, much of the South and some antibiotics. If you’re taking Penicillin STOP READING NOW! That was close. After a few in a […]

Gargoylian P(r)ose and A.B.R.S.G.

Point of order; there is not sufficient room for both a laptop and dog upon my lap. Naturally, as opposed to disallowing the dog’s presence, I’m hunched in some odd gargoylian (that could be a word) pose, typing on a queer diagonal instead. The context of today’s piece is not […]