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The Fault In Our Scars

Three days in a row? What, are you casually abusing Adderall again? Nah, not since first year anyway, things just seem to be going unusually well for me at the moment and happy writing is especially satisfying. Do not fret however, I am certain there is a Great White Shark […]

Ultimate Lameness, Pun Intended.

A vexing re-occurrence of intolerable spine twinging has at least served to provide me with the time to clack upon these patterned buttons in a vaguely rhythmic manner twice now in two days. Writing. It means I’m writing. And perhaps a mite touched. As I’m quite eager to return to […]

Skim Ilk

Morning y’all! My day is packed tighter than an Asian subway so instead of the usual drivel I’m going to share a couple reworked pieces. They are all from the “early days” directly following the website’s inception. For the few of you to whom they are already quasi-familiar your loyalty, […]

“The Million Baller Man”

Happy Friday esteemed Humans! Canadians, happy Canada Day long weekend! Americans, be patient, the 4th is imminent. Other nationalities, I’m sorry that I don’t know more about your culture or society. I’ll try harder next year! I’m very pleased with how this piece fleshed out. It does sound sort of […]

“Blessed Be The Chic”

Good day creatures of supreme beauty! How glorious of you to type all the way over here for a visit. I am much obliged. I have a number of monumental revelations to share so let’s permit no further delay! First, a new word that needs to be added to the […]