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Good morning, faithful revelers! Thank you for joining me on our latest foray into (hopefully) enlightened oblivion. Regular oblivion is just so banal… Right down to business today. The grounds of my Manor enjoyed a healthy snow through the night and the dog’s eyes, despite a brief constitutional earlier, have […]

Stop Hitting Yourself

Please consider your visit as being properly remarked and appreciated. It is certainly both of those things! Contemplating our past can be a confusing perspective. Possibly intended as a self-defense mechanism, it seems we gloss over the misery while being near-blinded by the golden sheen of past glories. There is […]

13 Lava Typhoon Seasons Why

Good day newfound denizens of Ford Nation and others. Instead of worrying about things over which I have little control I’ve responsibly chosen to instead stress about matters over which I exercise none whatsoever. I have a truly bizarre one for you today. It didn’t start out this way but […]

Democracy In Traction

Greetings peasants, royals and whoever in between. Election Day here in Ontario and boy is it a depressing one. It feels pretty much like playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded revolver. I don’t think I’ve been faced with such profoundly unappealing monologues since I stopped listening to the other […]