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Phos for us and You

I was told recently I may have a screw loose. Despite the indecipherable medical jargon utilized I still interpret it as a win. Their favourably apocryphal impression that there are any screws remaining at all is highly complementary. Reality is I’ve got everything tightly wedged around one grove where any […]


Anyone interested in a Robin Hood/ Ludicrous mashup? I’ve got hose, I’ve got hooose, from my waist to my tooes, waist to my toes… and so on. Think that’s bad you should have read the intro I already deleted! I transferred this piece over to the computer last week to […]

Dreading Water

Well hello there, is that new? It looks fantastic.;) Hope everyone is chugging along swimmingly. Incidentally, I’ve always found the term interesting in that it’s predicated on the assumption you can in fact swim. Otherwise, it would presumably be interpreted in the negative. Good ol’ English. A weird one today. […]


I literally just spent 20 minutes attempting to find a specific Italian, (I think), aria that I can hear so clearly in my head but am finally prepared to admit failure. It was going to be a spectacular opening line I was going to turn into a bad joke about […]

Daily Crunch Features

No foreplay today my friends, skipping directly to the penetrating narrative. Please use protection, I recommend a mild sedative. I’ve actually kept things relatively light today, being somewhat aggrieved with the planet this morning something possessing of levity felt appropriate. And, HEY, JUPITER… you know what you did. Since I […]