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Ultimate Lameness, Pun Intended.

A vexing re-occurrence of intolerable spine twinging has at least served to provide me with the time to clack upon these patterned buttons in a vaguely rhythmic manner twice now in two days. Writing. It means I’m writing. And perhaps a mite touched. As I’m quite eager to return to […]

Oedipus Rex and Banging an X

Good day dear winners, losers, tie-ers and those apathetic or sage enough to avoid the event altogether. Not that those two traits are mutually exclusive per se. Collectively exhaustive? No, just collectively exhausting… Time is extremely limited this morning so I’m going to cut the typical blather short because today’s poem […]

Basic Income and Basic Bitches

Hi there, sugar tits! For the record, I’m speaking exclusively to any plus-sized gentlemen in the audience. It’s still vaguely offensive, it does seem however like a demographic less likely to reach out in some vitriolic fashion. At least in regards to this particular topic… Do NOT get them started […]

Hot Off the Stresses!

Well hello there you inimitable minx! Much obliged am I for your kind patience during my priority re-calibration exercises. Luckily you rated. Very excited to say I’m actually going to publish new poetry today. It has been particularly long since this website lived up to its supposed namesake and I’m […]

The Sound Of One Hand Slapping

Tell me, should the dog’s bone be dropped from atop a couch onto the hardwood floor, BUT the downstairs neighbor isn’t home to hear it, does it still make a noise? Yes. It is, in fact, still cacophonous AF. Alternatively, what is the sound of one hand slapping? The proposed […]