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Octopi Apocalypi!

Good afternoon once more wonderful friends! It is truly a privilege to have every single one of you stopping by to read. Thank you so much! I want to go a big lighter today. No reason to focus on the existentially soul crushing every day. That’s really more of an […]

Perfection’s Crux

Not unlike how Icarus soared to close to the sun I have also found that approaching ecstasy, whether stimulated through natural processes or chemically, has a toll that must eventually be paid. I’m not going to pile on the context here, mostly it isn’t really of the sharable variety. I’m […]

Catch 22

As you may know, in addition to the dog, I have living with me a 22-year-old tabby. I say living with because I’m not naive enough to think Cally belongs to me. If anything the opposite is closer to the truth, after so many years I pretty much just give […]

White Doves

Good morrow faithful denizens! Have you ever had your brain get a hold of something a little too strongly? Whether perhaps you’re worried about something, regretting a past action, even as dumb as having a song stuck in your head? It happens to us all. Well, to me anyway. For […]

Mea Culpa

Like the esteemed Peter Benchley before me, I’ve come to regret the disservice I’ve done to the noble shark. His work caused a global explosion of shark killings, mine a minuscule pang of internal regret. Obviously the two are easily comparable. I wrote this just a few moments ago, An […]