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From Husk Till Brawn

Happy Friday, my friends, another blessed weekend pounces upon us like a happy cougar greeting an old friend. That probably happens. A few weeks ago we enjoyed a piece that referenced one of Newton’s Laws of Motion. In the comments, someone asked whether I was going to do a complementary […]

A Rousing

Good day, busy beavers, lackadaisical llamas and everybody/ thing in between. It is my unabashed pleasure to make your virtual acquaintances once more! I’m all out of bad jokes so let’s keep it going here until something pops into my head. Today’s piece is an amusing stand out to me […]

Sir-cuit Breaker

“I like big books and I cannot lie– Y’all other readers can’t deny– When a tome strolls past with its thick old spine– It’s like, damn novel, you so fine…” It sort of just keeps going like that, the song is way longer than I remembered. Really the only other […]

We All Float

Good day and dear auspicious readers, bored over the shoulder voyeurs and generally confused pets. Always an honour. I’m not going to ramble on for once, I believe today’s composition worthy of my restraint. I do hope you enjoyt, despite only writing it a couple days ago numerous hours have […]


“Well well, what have we here? How ever did you get past security? Prendergast! Prendergaaast!? Crumb cake, where is that incompetent bumbler… very well, I suppose you’re here for some sort of linguistic escapade? Or to rob me of my priceless antique ivory animal figurines. I surely hope the former, […]