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Loc(qu)ation Is Key

I struggled over whether or not to publish today given the extreme importance of yesterday’s piece. I obviously decided to carry on anyway, this is rather what I do. For a sunny Monday let’s slip into something a touch more comfortable. I wrote the first two lines of today’s poem […]

You Make Me Simile

Another beautiful weekend before us! Limitless possibilities for adventure and self discovery! I for one will be snuggling with the pup with little to no chance of leaving the house except for walks. That is Tolkien- level adventure, I’m aware. It’s been a surprisingly busy week.:) In hindsight I consider […]

Mmm {P(i)}(e)

Please don’t grow accustomed but I do have a further two pieces again today. Full disclosure, both have been published but you didn’t read them so what do you care?:) First is an unusual expression of appreciation for some things that never change but are perpetually active. “Pi(e)” Mathematical constants […]


Not to be the guy who relentlessly goes on about the weather but damn what a sparkling clear day! The immaculately robin’s egg blue sky framed against the deepening green of the near full trees, glorious. Dandelions attempting to gentrify verdant fields with their eager yellow populism. Weeds will inevitably find […]