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Family, Venus, Mitsubishis.

Good morning valued species! Please, should you prefer to go by your Phylum or Class this is a generally inclusive, pseudo-safe-space such that you need only make your preferences known. No Order though, a line must be drawn somewhere! Carrying right on here, I am due to work later. Recent […]

Slay Your Hands On Me

What do you call an “incel”-masseuse? A massage-ynist. Cue the tumbleweed. Just imagine how bad the joke I cut was. 🙂 Long is the amount of time since last we spoke. An unfortunate downside to finally achieving some semblance of physical health is a diminished opportunity to waste your time. […]

Uncomfortably Numb

Bless you for rejoining the dreamscape. Insert two tokens and select your desired reality. Please enjoy a pleasant day. Welcome, first apologies for the ambivalence with which I’ve treated this forum over the past two weeks. I’d like to say I’ve been crazy busy at work, engaged in a torrid […]


Happy Midterm Elections Day to all my stateside chums and other interested stakeholders and bystanders. The first true referendum on the condition of democracy since the flummoxing it took a couple of years ago. You are in my thoughts, friends. I pray for a more considered result. A couple of […]

Nous Nous Appelons Les Squelettes

Happy Halloween, dancing skeletons and others. Then again, what’s the spookiness of All Hallow’s compared to the visceral terror that is the monotonous tedium of your day-to-day? Point of order, all your life you’re trained never to take candy from strangers, until October 31 when it becomes a race to […]