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Perfection’s Crux

Not unlike how Icarus soared to close to the sun I have also found that approaching ecstasy, whether stimulated through natural processes or chemically, has a toll that must eventually be paid. I’m not going to pile on the context here, mostly it isn’t really of the sharable variety. I’m […]

Catch 22

As you may know, in addition to the dog, I have living with me a 22-year-old tabby. I say living with because I’m not naive enough to think Cally belongs to me. If anything the opposite is closer to the truth, after so many years I pretty much just give […]

White Doves

Good morrow faithful denizens! Have you ever had your brain get a hold of something a little too strongly? Whether perhaps you’re worried about something, regretting a past action, even as dumb as having a song stuck in your head? It happens to us all. Well, to me anyway. For […]

Mea Culpa

Like the esteemed Peter Benchley before me, I’ve come to regret the disservice I’ve done to the noble shark. His work caused a global explosion of shark killings, mine a minuscule pang of internal regret. Obviously the two are easily comparable. I wrote this just a few moments ago, An […]

Baby It’s Warm Inside

Good morning fair friends! The arctic circle remains largely inhabitable and other than the occasional caribou mauling everyone seems to be more or less alive. Never corner a caribou, they are extremely talented with a blade. Fear is irrational. This is not news to anyone. For instance, I was relatively […]