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Writing Anxiety

The title works with both versions of righting which frankly just makes me happy. People who produce things, do you ever get nervous that whatever your newest creation is in fact blows? I certainly do. And for good reason in my opinion. Not every joke I tell is funny, why […]

3rd Time’s the Charm

Apparently I’m extra special today as I cannot seem to post this properly. Let’s give it one last attempt… Has anyone seen the movie Seven? It influenced me in a few different ways. No, not to be a serial killer. For that my inspiration came from the film “Scream”.[ As […]

“Body Brake!”

At times, I’ve been known to make the occasional decision on the fly. Also, in the past, I didn’t always enjoy the healthy respect I currently have for physical fitness and basic nutrition. AND THUS IS THE SCENE SET! Body Brake (pun was too good not to use for the […]


Last Saturday evening I had the pleasure of enjoying a several hours long blackout. Happily we were the smallest bit prepared by which I mean in possession of a flashlight, a couple of candles and a reliable enough LTE connection that I could still stream whatever baseball game was on […]

Silent Pals

Dobrý den nádherní přátelé! I would be remiss if I failed to credit Google Translate for the preceding greeting. Please feel welcome to Czech my spelling. Sorry, I couldn’t help it. A fun one this morning with a not particularly subtle message of importance. While I am blessed to live […]