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Richard Priory of Sion

Good afternoon, fine, anonymous denizens of the World Wide Web. On your phone? Are you connected to a network? Sometimes I turn WiFi off then forget to turn it back on… To the one person who perhaps was just saved the better part of 7 cents, you are exceedingly welcome. […]

Of Mouse and Man

Good day to you, children of all ages! I have so many projects on the go currently that I am afraid my poetry has suffered some. Paradoxically, given it’s only three weeks past the summer equinox, my days have never seemed shorter! Quick and wonderfully redundant story from the other […]

Always Kiss your Ma!

All sorts of fun on the docket today! Let’s, for the most part, ignore the World being on fire and take a few moments to reconnect with a more base reality. Me complaining about my best friend. 🙂 First though, a delectable factoid I ran across yesterday. I was reading […]

“Sorting Cat(herine)”

I must say, I’m starting to feel a bit like the Sorting Hat, delivering warnings in the form of rhyme. Granted I’ve nowhere near the prestige of such an auspicious artifact. One day I hope to have even greater ambitions than matching the charisma of a fictional accessory. Today’s “warning” […]