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Peckish Peep and Reservoir Seep

What are YOU looking at!? A screen of some kind? Excellent. Let us proceed then. There is no doubt that were I to start again training my sweet girl I would switch up a few things. Never having raised a dog before I certainly committed my share of mistakes which […]


I keep hearing the word disenfranchised everywhere. Whether as its original connotation of denying someone voting privileges or the more evolved, general deprivation of rights it just seems wrong definitionally. Not in terms of morality though I would imagine it rather is. Instead it seems to me to be more […]

“Motley Bru”

Greetings intrepid wanderers and those of a more stationary ilk. I hope to find all in relative wellness. If not, then a swift return to such a state! We eclipsed “neighborhood day” or whatever it was called recently. Living in an apartment building my neighbors are plentiful and for the […]

Somer(as)sault and Batteries

Good afternoon opposable thumbed ones and friends! First of all, whatever you’re worried about, don’t sweat it girl, you’re totally pulling it off! Don’t fret gentlemen, you are likely to survive as well. Another slightly aberrant writing today. I’ll explain the “concept” (loose interpretation) afterwards. (-), May 28 Sorrow is […]


Not to be the guy who relentlessly goes on about the weather but damn what a sparkling clear day! The immaculately robin’s egg blue sky framed against the deepening green of the near full trees, glorious. Dandelions attempting to gentrify verdant fields with their eager yellow populism. Weeds will inevitably find […]