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A sincerely adorable piece today! Don’t think I haven’t noticed that the most popular articles are always in relation to my four-legged beasts. Happily, as a shameless panderer, I’m more than happy to cater to such a demand. Important to note that this poem, more so than the others, needs […]

It’s Raining Zen!

I had a pretty good one lined up for today but since yesterday was kind of heavy both on the site and locally I’m thinking a softer touch is in order. As we all know pet ownership is associated with some natural monetary commitments. Vet bills, food and toys are […]

Catch 22

As you may know, in addition to the dog, I have living with me a 22-year-old tabby. I say living with because I’m not naive enough to think Cally belongs to me. If anything the opposite is closer to the truth, after so many years I pretty much just give […]

Mea Culpa

Like the esteemed Peter Benchley before me, I’ve come to regret the disservice I’ve done to the noble shark. His work caused a global explosion of shark killings, mine a minuscule pang of internal regret. Obviously the two are easily comparable. I wrote this just a few moments ago, An […]