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Silent Pals

Dobrý den nádherní přátelé! I would be remiss if I failed to credit Google Translate for the preceding greeting. Please feel welcome to Czech my spelling. Sorry, I couldn’t help it. A fun one this morning with a not particularly subtle message of importance. While I am blessed to live […]

Still some left…

It seems with my back still in disorder and not working today I’ve little else to do besides chatter on to you fine people. First of all person or persons reading from India. I see you there and you’re amazing! This poem is kind of humorous to me. It started […]

Creative Processing

I’ve been frequently asked to describe how I come up with “blank” ideas. Rhymes, jokes, whatever, the concept for me is the same. I sit around or I’m out somewhere and some silly thought/ idea comes to me. I massage it momentarily in my head, feel out whether it has […]

Mountain Goats Are Aptly Named

If you’ve ever seen them galloping up and down seemingly sheer rock faces you undoubtedly agree. Grace under snow. I on the other hand hold the banister when I go down stairs. I personally have always battled with the concept of success. Not so much its definition because I’ve always […]

Numerical Crime

I’m a fan of numbers. Their order gifts me with some odd perceived comfort. Numbers are predictable, reliable and easily manipulated. While 9*9 will always equate to 81, what is 81? Bear with with, I’ve not accidentally consumed acid here. It was entirely intentional. It’s hard to convey tone in […]