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All that we can’t Left behind.

Well isn’t it just looking Fall AF out there today. The leaves are beyond majestic and the squirrels, much like the freshmen university students, are liable to jump out into traffic at any moment. Constant Vigilance! Thanks professor Moody. Jermaine to the third last sentence, I did tragically end the […]

“You can be my Yoko Homo”.

Good morning fair-weather friends, foul-weather companions and sunken inanimate wreckage. You are acknowledged! Most importantly, a cresting wave of gratitude to the amazing Gareth and his more than generous donation. Without you I would have even less time for these artistic pursuits and your support means more to me than […]

Wheedle in a Haystack

Who can help me out here, when those orphans are singing that the, “Sun will come out tomorrow”, is it because it’s night-time or was there some climactic event? I suppose it doesn’t matter since the sentiment remains largely unchanged however I’d like to think if it’s just raining the […]

Skim Ilk

Morning y’all! My day is packed tighter than an Asian subway so instead of the usual drivel I’m going to share a couple reworked pieces. They are all from the “early days” directly following the website’s inception. For the few of you to whom they are already quasi-familiar your loyalty, […]

Damnable Free Will

*[Honestly, today’s discussion is not for everyone. Sympathy is expressed for those considered deplorable by many and man’s ubiquitous darkness is uncomfortably examined. I felt this brief caveat necessary just in case. Thank you so much!] A sad topic from a marginally bleaker time do I have for you today. […]