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Peckish Peep and Reservoir Seep

What are YOU looking at!? A screen of some kind? Excellent. Let us proceed then. There is no doubt that were I to start again training my sweet girl I would switch up a few things. Never having raised a dog before I certainly committed my share of mistakes which […]

Somer(as)sault and Batteries

Good afternoon opposable thumbed ones and friends! First of all, whatever you’re worried about, don’t sweat it girl, you’re totally pulling it off! Don’t fret gentlemen, you are likely to survive as well. Another slightly aberrant writing today. I’ll explain the “concept” (loose interpretation) afterwards. (-), May 28 Sorrow is […]

Democracy In Traction

Greetings peasants, royals and whoever in between. Election Day here in Ontario and boy is it a depressing one. It feels pretty much like playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded revolver. I don’t think I’ve been faced with such profoundly unappealing monologues since I stopped listening to the other […]

You Make Me Simile

Another beautiful weekend before us! Limitless possibilities for adventure and self discovery! I for one will be snuggling with the pup with little to no chance of leaving the house except for walks. That is Tolkien- level adventure, I’m aware. It’s been a surprisingly busy week.:) In hindsight I consider […]

A Career In Words

I have two piece’s slated for release today. Two because one is quite short and one is possibly pure garbage. Hopefully between the two of them we can equalize to form proportional mediocrity to normal. The non-existent, but somehow extremely real happiness utils derived by my readers must remain, at […]