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“The Barbarian Horde!”

Does anyone know much about the ancient civilization of Carthage? Beyond the scene in Gladiator where it’s referenced I mean… Perhaps Hannibal the Carthaginian general and the marching elephants? No matter. I was equally untutored before some reading done recently. Beyond fascinating though. It was very much a Pre-Rome in […]

Caution: Land Sharks

Yesterday was characterized by some annoying tumult in my existence and I was therefore, regrettably, unable to publish for the first time since starting this project. That’s life for you. I don’t intend to elaborate so please feel welcome to fill in the blanks as you may. Was I perhaps […]

Hippos and Algebra

Good afternoon Hungry Hungry Hippos! Does anyone recall the “house hippo” fake commercials they used to show? The intention being to warn children not to believe everything they read or saw on TV. Ironic considering modern days, I know. I still want one.They ate peanut butter and built nests of […]

Bestiality Notwithstanding…

When you ask people what they miss most about their childhood there are many responses. The usual include; free time, no job, meals prepared for you, zero responsibilities etc… Personally, I find myself ocasionally longing for a return to naiveté. Technically innocence really but I was hard on myself even […]

The Mist

A fantastic short story by Stephen King by that name is the first thing to come to mind. I’m not really certain that a two hundred and fifty off pager qualifies as short but that is a different matter. A relatively faithful film rendition was also released, I liked it […]