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2 Little Pigs

Aloha dear readers! It is beyond a privilege to make your acquaintances once more. The weather is once more pounding an iron spike through my cerebellum so I’ll likely not bloviate to my usual pompous degree. Lucky you! As a child I was always terrified of the prospect of our […]

The Snark Ages.

I wanted to do the “good morning Vietnam” greeting that Robin Williams did in the film but it looks absolutely ludicrous typed out. SO, if everyone could just do it one time in their heads for me as we take a second to remember a truly remarkable man. Thank you […]

The 4th Dimension

Salutations! My name is Charlotte and I’m a spider. OK that isn’t true but can anyone else not say or hear “salutations” without immediately being transported back to that film? Not I. My intention today is to extol the finery of a very simplistic device. Something it took me years […]

Catch 22

As you may know, in addition to the dog, I have living with me a 22-year-old tabby. I say living with because I’m not naive enough to think Cally belongs to me. If anything the opposite is closer to the truth, after so many years I pretty much just give […]

Cred Că Ești Minunat!

Good morning all ye intellectually plump pheasants! It would seem we’ve the pleasure of enjoying a further tempestuous gale au dehors. Huzzah! I have a terrible habit of being a bit judgemental from time to time. Particularly with things that I arrogantly believe are beneath me. That rarely seems to […]