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Mea Culpa

Like the esteemed Peter Benchley before me, I’ve come to regret the disservice I’ve done to the noble shark. His work caused a global explosion of shark killings, mine a minuscule pang of internal regret. Obviously the two are easily comparable. I wrote this just a few moments ago, An […]

Baby It’s Warm Inside

Good morning fair friends! The arctic circle remains largely inhabitable and other than the occasional caribou mauling everyone seems to be more or less alive. Never corner a caribou, they are extremely talented with a blade. Fear is irrational. This is not news to anyone. For instance, I was relatively […]


Greetings all, I’m reporting this evening from amidst this epic ice storm. The roads are poor and the dog is miffed. Chagrined that I’ll not tolerate the hour plus walk she would typically enjoy. When living with me disappointment is something to become accustomed to. It’s possible that I occasionally […]

Cred Că Ești Minunat!

Good morning all ye intellectually plump pheasants! It would seem we’ve the pleasure of enjoying a further tempestuous gale au dehors. Huzzah! I have a terrible habit of being a bit judgemental from time to time. Particularly with things that I arrogantly believe are beneath me. That rarely seems to […]

Writing Anxiety

The title works with both versions of righting which frankly just makes me happy. People who produce things, do you ever get nervous that whatever your newest creation is in fact blows? I certainly do. And for good reason in my opinion. Not every joke I tell is funny, why […]